C’mon Chris, Let It Go

(AP Photo/George Clark)

(AP Photo/George Clark)

“Let It Go” might be one of the biggest songs of the year, but it’s clear that Chris McDaniel and his campaign are not familiar with the phrase.

On Monday, the Mississippi State Republican Party sent their official results to the Mississippi Secretary of State, declaring that Senator Thad Cochran had defeated challenger Chris McDaniel by 7,667 votes. You might think that this would finally prompt McDaniel to deliver the concession speech that he has been holding onto since the June 24th primary runoff – but you would be very wrong. Instead, according to Politico’s Alexis Levinson, McDaniel’s lead counsel announced that they would be challenging the results, that McDaniel’s volunteers had found evidence of voter fraud, and that the only real solution would be to hold a new election.

The situation in Mississippi is officially absurd and McDaniel is to blame. The primary process was a long and expensive one, with approximately $17 million being spent over the course of the campaign and election; Main Street raised and contributed a significant chunk of that money ourselves. We are happy that we were able to contribute to Senator Cochran’s victory, but we also strongly believe that our money, and the rest of the $17 million, would have been put to much better use helping Republicans defeat Democratic nominees in general elections across the country. Now McDaniel wants Republicans and the state of Mississippi to spend even more money on a third primary? This more than any of his other ridiculous actions (offering a $1,000 bounty for evidence of voter fraud? Give me a break) suggests that McDaniel does not truly have the best interest of Republicans or the state of Mississippi at heart.

The Mississippi Republican Party has called the race. Traditionally anti-establishment groups who supported McDaniel have congratulated Cochran on his victory. The rest of the Republican party has moved on. It’s time for Chris McDaniel to take a cue from everyone else and let it go.

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