Thank you!

I just want to thank everyone who came out to the first Women2Women Conversations Tour stop last night in Charlotte, NC. The event was more successful than we had dreamed! We really appreciate all of the thoughtful questions and comments from the attendees.

Our next two stops are in Tucson, Arizona on Friday, October 3rd and Phoenix, Arizona, on Saturday, October 4th. If you haven’t signed up already, please go to our website and sign up today! I look forward to continuing the conversation on the West Coast.

Women2Women Conversations Tour


The first event in Main Street Advocacy’s Women2Women Conversations Tour is coming up soon! We kick off in Charlotte, North Carolina on September 25th. Two magazines based in Charlotte have recently published pieces about the tour. Check them out here:

Today’s Charlotte Woman Magazine – Page 10

Ballantyne Magazine – Page 16

And if you haven’t RSVP’d for the event yet, please visit Main Street Advocacy and sign up! We look forward to seeing you there.

Corporate Inversions: It’s Time for Consumers to Take a Stand

A few weeks ago, I talked about inversions here on the blog and how they have the potential to cause serious damage to the U.S. corporate tax base.

Yesterday, a story broke about another U.S. company embracing the inversion trend. Burger King has announced that it will be buying Canadian chain Tim Horton’s and moving it’s corporate base to Canada – a move that will likely cut it’s U.S. tax bill. You can read more about the move here.

Corporate inversion is a huge problem that no one – not Congress, not President Obama – is doing anything about. Until someone steps up and leads the charge on changing the law to stop these inversions, there is only one group left that can make a difference – the consumers. U.S. consumers should protest and boycott Burger King (and other U.S. companies who are taking the inversion route), so that those companies will feel the sting at home. And Congress should step up to a) fix the inversion loophole and b) lower the U.S. corporate tax rate, so that companies no longer have the means or the incentive to make this kind of move.

President Obama’s Airstrikes: Too Little, Too Late?



President Obama announced on Friday that the United States would be engaging in airstrikes, in hopes of slowing the advance of ISIS in the Middle East. After four days of airstrikes, the Pentagon has announced that while they have managed to slow the Sunni militants down, ISIS remains incredibly strong.

There is no question that the United States needed to get involved in the on-going conflict in the Middle East. The real question is: why did we wait so long? Since it’s establishment in 2006, it has grown quickly, become involved in a number of conflicts in the Middle East and earned a reputation as being so brutal and severe that even Al-Qaeda has cut all ties with the organization.

No one likes war. Republican, Democrat, Green, Independent, we all want the same thing: peace and safety, at home and abroad. We all mourn the thousands of lives that have been lost in the last decade in Iraq and Afghanistan and none of us wish to relive those years. But the fact remains that the world is a dangerous place and there are organizations, like ISIS, who believe that the world should be run their way…and that’s it. You fall in line, or you die.

The United States is one of the few countries in the world with the money, power and force of will to stop groups like ISIS. While I certainly don’t believe that the U.S. should dive head first into every regional conflict that arises, we have been presented with evidence for months, if not years, that the threat ISIS poses to the Middle East and world as a whole is real. I’m glad that the President has finally chosen to step in and push back against ISIS. I am concerned, however, that we have waited far too long and that the negative affects of our hesitation will play out in the Middle East, and possibly the rest of the world, for years to come.

Up on The Hill: VA Access and Accountability Bill

Photo: Architect of the Capitol (

Photo: Architect of the Capitol (

ICYMI, the House just passed H.R. 3230, the Veterans’ Access, Choice and Accountability Act of 2014, by a vote of 420-5. Click here to read Speaker Boehner’s statement on the passage of the bill.

In other news, Heritage Action announced that this would be a “key vote” for them. Their recommendation? Vote no. Imagine our surprise.